Monday, June 8, 2009

Angel of Love - Purity from "Little One"

060809 Angel of Love – Purity

You have purity of heart, keep this focus and know that it is your purity that gives you peace and this peace will flow into eternity. Allow all feelings to go to this place of peace. You will begin to see your journey flow. Take the actions that are necessary to bring your gift to the world. Without hesitation open yourself to all that come to you. It is your gift that we have given with all of our love to you. This gift is opening with many colors from the rainbow and the colors will cover you with great abundance. This abundance will allow you to continue your service and be of good cheer to all that come to you seeking the peace that you already have. You are now prepared to tell the world of this peace. All will come into your life for this journey. Give thought to your many blessings and know that we have hope placed in your journey to all. Give this hope which is entwined with your peace to show your purity. Your good heart will be seen from afar. Those that are drawn are those that are being sent from the universe. Yes, there are challenges along the way for your learning, but know that those things shall come together in a glorious union for all. We have given you this joy to hold in your heart and to be one with all. Know the truth, keep the truth in your heart and give to others and let them know the truth that comes from the heavens. This truth will give goodness to those that are seeking and will cover all in loving prayers from across the universe. See that you continue these prayers for all mankind. Your journey is marked in His Name. His name is Jesus Christ. His name is the light. Give your heart to His name and be of closeness with the light and know the light has brought you the gift of service to all mankind. Give the smile of this gift. It is yours to give. Be at all peace on this journey with your heart focused to the Angel of Love that brings this message to you. Peace again for all eternity.

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